The Key to Effortless Self-improvement

We’d all probably like to believe that astrology is real so we can identify with the redeeming qualities of our own sign and to hold fast to promising horoscopes. However, zodiac signs are not only false because of their vagueness, which allows each sign to at least partially relate to every human, but also due to the change in the constellations’ visibility over time. The initial assignment of signs followed the pattern of the constellations that reigned over the sky during the day.

The precession of Earth, a reorientation of the North/South Axis as a result of rotation, is completed once every 26,000 years. This is similar to the way the spike on the top of a top follows a circular path while it is spun. Precession is a natural phenomenon that happens with all rotating objects. As we know, tops eventually fall over, but precession will never be the cause of a no-longer rotating Earth; the lack of air resistance in space means that Earth will be stuck in this cycle. The tilt of the earth will remain at 23.5°, but the direction in which the tilt is leaning will change. Therefore, halfway through the cycle, summer in the northern hemisphere will be winter because that 32.5° tilt will be away from the sun.

So what does this mean for the zodiac? A Sagittarius will be Capricorn in 2,000ish years. This is not to say that people born from November 22-December 21 will become any less “adventurous.” The earth will have just completed 1/13 of its precessional cycle. On the bright side, if you’re a Gemini, but you secretly wish you had been born a Taurus, wait a couple thousand years and life goals will be achieved! Essentially, what we’ve learned is that you can be whoever you want to be because eventually, you’ll be everyone? Oh, wait, no…we learned that astrology is a coping mechanism for people who need to feel good about themselves (myself included) and that the earth is a top that will never stop spinning.

This photo shows the basic idea of precession. If things are still unclear, this video by Steve Sanders explains it even better.

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